Hot Men in the Philippines


Back stage, Michael shows off his magazine collection.

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    1. i know this gay bar. ive been there for somany times bcos of michael. i wanted to hire him pro ayaw nya. gwaping naman ako (gwapong bading).. hayssss, michael, pasupsup ka na sa ken pls?

      1. sarap to d bones… sarap to d ass!!! sarap to d mouth!!! wer can i find them???? can sumbody help mehhhh??? pulis?

  1. Haha, sarap lagyan ng caption…yung tingin ni Michael parang sinasabi, “pre san ka ba tinitigasan? Sa magazine collection ko o sa akin”? Hehe…

  2. Nope this is not a gaybay. This is a fraternity house. A neophyte’s erect penis seen by all is a symbol of ultimate brotherhood. Gone are the days of barbaric and illegal hazing.

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