Hot Men in the Philippines

tatsTats bros!


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  1. These boys’ makeup artist should discover the wonders of Fanny Serrano’s Features and Shades two-way foundation. There are shades perfect for these “Kulay Pinoy” hunks. The Rajah or Chino shades suit them better.

    1. ok lng yan mga teh na me muk ap ang mga boylets na to. bsta wag muk apan ang mga titibells nila hihihi… mapaet kea ang lasa ng pundasyon hihi.. tsaka masaket ang pulbos sa tumbong pag pumasok na..

  2. so ronjay has followed his younger brother footsteps? time must be hard for these boys, they are both young fathers nowadays. by the way, they are nephews of charlene gonzalez, aga’s wife.

    1. How old they become young father. We are both lucky to see their boyhood since they were now the young dads.

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