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    1. sana he covered his face na lng with his cp… ktakot ang body ktakot ang fez.. hmmmm.. pass muna me. mgfifinger na lng ako using my charger..

  1. Ito yo’ng tinable ko sa white bird na binigyan ko ng tip na 1k, na ang sagot sa akin ay: Sige, tama na itong pambili ng tuyo… Bongga… Lol…. In fairness, maganda talaga talaga ang facing nito at wankata. ..

  2. Tuwing kelan ba siya sa WHITE BIRD para mapuntahan. Got a condo nearby pero never ko naman siya nakikita each time pumupunta ako dun.

  3. Sa previous post ni RD regarding Harry aka Armani…nasa Solutions na raw siya.

    Pero dito nasa White Bird parin?!?!


  4. Waley na cya sa WB. Rumor mill spewks na Armani together with othe MDs tried to form a Union or Association lto better off working conditions and to soften the aristocratc hand ng management. At the end, the guys would be dismissed. Luckily, Solutions took the tyrants and i presume with the promise not to do what the did at WB.

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