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Rayver or Rodjun?

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    1. Good thing Elvira died before you were even born. No way would she ever associate with an uneducated person like yourself.


      1. You get off bashing people? You must be having a hard-on. No one could be as uneducated as you are. I pity your insecurity. Choke on your own cum.

  1. Andame namang grammar police at perfectionist ditey sa site. I hope they find joy and contentment lovingly correcting others.

  2. wala akong paki sa mga walang perang grammarmpolice. mga balahura. si james kahit nilalait…na maintain ang kanyang good manner.

    rayver ako.

    1. try mo tirahin sarili mong wetpaks… then ask us kung kkyanin nmin ang desperate kbabuyan mo hahaha… baklang toh! dami hanash me masabi lng… pinagjakolan mo kmo tong magkapatid na never ever mo maaangkin tanga!

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