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Mr. Philippines  2016 Andrea Biondo

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  1. Sexy lips
    Manly face
    Well proportioned torso
    The buttocks and thighs might need some work though…
    Hope he wins!

    1. Attention GCI (they represent Mr. Biondo) :

      It may be useful for you to pay heed to this assessment. His competitors are FIERCE. Just go online and see for yourself.

    1. Ang hot pa rin ni doc Recio. Sya ang palagi kong inaabangan sa Born to be Wild. Ang laki ng braso hmmm.

      1. Talangkang shokla alert!!!!!

        Eh bakit si Neil Perez namayagpag sa Mister International kahit sabihing pang sanlibo’t isang paligo ang lamang sa kaguwapuhan ng mga kalaban? Meron kasi siyang X erbog factor noh. And I see that in Andrea Biondo as well. Kaya pause muna ang crabby patty mode mo, bakla.

  2. napapabalita ngayon na may Male International Pageant Owner at National winner daw na may leaked photo scandal. alam niyo ba?

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