Hot Men in the Philippines


Swimmer-model Migo Gonzaga is studying to be a pilot now.

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      1. Wala ka magawa noh kya nambubully ka… There is nothing wrong to what the person said… Kung wala ka magawa sa buhay mo hanap ka lubid at magbigti ka na lang!!!

          1. “Kami” meaning ikaw at ang sangkaterba mong aliases sa site na ito?


        1. There are two types of people, those that are positive, and those that are neagative. Positive people are happy. Negative people are bitter, sad and I feel bad for them.

          Good vibes.

    1. oh wow.. can u bare it all? pls? wag madamot bhe.. mapapanis yan sige ka.. sige na pakita mo na junjun mo at butas mo.. now na

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