Hot Men in the Philippines


Big boys club (caveat: reader’s contribution)

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    1. i wana know him. im goodlooking super discreet. i hope he finds me in fb and bcome friends.. i wana know him more. pls. pm me culver, not u ferds. ur not my type.. altho im an animal lover..

      1. Culver never wants to know you. He has seen how you look and you are neither goodlooking nor “super discreet.” You’re even worse than a Drag Queen on Valium.


    1. i lov doc rd..wisk he bares his butt with his hole exposed. cguro mukhang tarsier ang butt hole nia hihihi.. lov u rd..

        1. Sarap ng kilikili ng gagong putang inang Culver Padilla na yan! Lahat ng baklang dumaan jan, pinadila nya kilikili nya! Pakagago ang puta! Padillang puta na nagpapadila ng kilikili! Putang inang kilikili mo! Gago!

    1. Sakto! Rough sex din gusto ni Culver Padilla. Nagjajakol yan sa harap ko at sabay ipapasubo pag lalabasan na. Pakalibog nyang si Culver. Nagpapainom ng tamod!

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