Hot Men in the Philippines


Yummy policeman Don McGyver, flab and all.

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      1. hi sir san po kita pwede makita? i wana get arrested by u and pls.handcuff me while i suck ur balls and ur etits. i will get ur strength sir ok lang po ba?

  1. Good luck at Manhunt International 2016 in China next month, Officer Cochico. May you nail a back-to-back victory for Filipinas and continue June Macasaet’s glamorous work in the Asian modelling circuit.

    1. Vietnam Thorn, he receives HUNDREDS, if not THOUSANDS, of the same generic message you just typed out.

      Either be original or SHUT DA FUCK UP!

    2. ano nangyari sa manhunt? bakit after 4 yrs na uli ang search.? saka wag na umasa ng back-to-back. sa beijing china pala gagawin ang contest, e. walang kokontra sa opinyon ko.

  2. It’s his profession that makes me uncomfortably attracted to him, other than that he’s just another wanna be model. That’s my opinion.

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