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    1. Vietnam Thorn, this site appeals primarily to GAY men, so do us all a favor and…


      We’re more focused on the guys, you IDIOT!

  1. okay. may nakasex na tong transgender, sure na. alam nya yan. Iba siya at si Mauro Lumba pag high. message nyo sya sa IG or FB about it.

  2. Yung matataray na beki na nag comment dito , yun yung frustrated maka hada ng pogi dahil walang pera kaya hanggang tingin na lang,kaya malalim ang angst, i mean who in his right mind, will waste and spend time thinking and responding to comments made by others( regardless whether those comments are right or not but more so if the comments are idiotic), magpayaman kayo like mvp and mama para madami kayong boylets

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