Hot Men in the Philippines


Patrick gets some help.

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      1. You bashing Vietnam Thorn even she never did an insult or offensive act against you! She just admired Patrick because Patrick have strong sex appeal. Is Patrick San Miguel is your boyfriend?!

    1. Just leave that insecure creature, Vietnam Rose. I cannot understand why a creature bashed you. You just admire him right. You neither give a negative impression to him(Patrick San Miguel) nor to this creature below. Even you never create a fault to anybody here, he/she bashed you. I’m with you, Vietnam Rose.

      1. You”re the number one troll in this website! Roh wa tamshi ela jahanam al an, as sayyid/sayyida anonymous 9:26!

          1. Håfa I Chamoru 101, Bahasa Indonesia 101 pat ISNEG 101! Kao siñamu?! Much better you speak mangyan than to speak tagalog! Or much better jack off yourself when you see this boy named patrick san miguel than complaining of my english language!
            Puro ha’ tatke i sagan titanos-mu! Titanos fayao hao! Gof maolek na bai hu finuyi hao gi fino’ bisaya’ gin siña hu matungo’ fino’ bisaya’! Maolek nai un fino’ bisaya’ ha’!

  1. Yung tataa, hanggang ngayon rd, pinagjajakulan ko pa rin yung shinare mong dickpic niya last week ata. Its saved in my phone, nakita ko sa fb niya na picture pala yun ni Vince Sarala nakakaloka mga photog ngaun. Anw, love u rd, ur the best, more dickpics! Haha. Xoxo.

      1. What’s bad in my sentence construction? I never say bad words begins with letter f.y. and letter sh or b.s. I mean dick, not pick. Is that my sentence construction you mean bad? If you think my sentence construction is bad, then, I will speak to you in my native language, I don’t care you will have blood lost flow through your nose, just like bisaya people speak bisaya’ towards the Tagalogs visited to their province instead in Tagalog!

            1. What language I want to speak, English or in my native language only?! I just talk about Patrick San Miguel, you complain what language I suppose to use. If you hate English, just hate this blog too and all people here used English because the official language of this blog is ENGLISH! I forcibly used English because YOU cannot understand what I said when I used in MY NATIVE LANGUAGE.

            2. Much better she speak at least broken English than to speak no English at all. Which language can you understand, wrong English grammar or straight non-english language, especially Spanish? I spied here she can speak Spanish. How about you, can you speak Spanish? Speak Spanish to me if you are smarter than Karelin! Don’t use English!

              1. Spanish? I bet Google translate is your best friend.


                2 retards in love. 😍😍😍😍

                1. You are certified the most stupid in the whole universe! Siempre hao fuetsa yu’ fa’fino’ lengguahen-mu natibu, ti siña un komprendi i sinangan-hu no! Ti yamu ume’englis yu’, pues hu finuyi hao gi natibu na fino’hu, taibale na fama’hokok i haga’mu sa’ fama’huyong i haga’mu ni gui’eng-mu! Gof ka’duko’ hao!

                  1. Don’t feed that troll che’lu because Anonymous Oct 17 at 5:54 is a mentally Ill pathetic troll from hell. Nice to impound that troll to mandaluyong. Lol!

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