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The dickfie.

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  1. That’s what I said. All boys here who have dickfies like Zie Naval have greater sex appeal than all boys who have no dickfies yet. Any boys who have dickfies are my faves.

    1. Oh is dat sooo? Why don’t u post ur dickfie appreciation on Acheng Kikay Arcilla’s dickfie pics hea, Karelina? Ah don’t see ur posts on Kikay’s dickfies where u should be spendin ur time

      1. I mean, I never post my dickfies because I’m not a boy. Only boys dare to post their nude photo showing their private parts. It’s their hormone that is absent on women’s body, that’s dickfies are always done by boys and then admired by women or gaymen.
        I don’t know who is Acheng Kikay Arcilla, so I have no time for that man you mean.

        1. Sa Center for Mental Health ka dapat. Youll have all the time there or in the Nueva Ecija Drug Rehab.

          1. Karamihan sa mga bakla dito bitter at galit sa kapwa bakla… Papano kapag totoong babae pala ang ina-bash nila.. Pahiya..

        2. Manica ng Bulalacao, what you think of me, I AM YOU? Don’t tell me like that coz I’m not your mom, your dad or the worst YOU. You’re only one to go there because only you have like that.

        3. Tagawog jud ka day, manica! Bugo’ jud ug english. Mental Health2x sa imong bisong! Estoryahe ko, burikat!Basin nasina ka ni Karelin kay du’olunon ug laki, ikaw magbayad pa ka aron maka laki ka. Hahahahaha!

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