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Ben Isaac or Kirstey Viray?

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    1. more na nga, sexier pa.. balik sa school para malaman mo tamang paggamit ng more.. at nang hindi ka maging redundant..

    2. more na nga sexier pa.. balik ka sa school para malaman mo tamang paggamit ng “more” ng hindi ka maging redundant..

  1. Is kirstey viray gay? Mas bagay nya ang short hair kesa long hair, he looks dugyot pag lonv hair

    1. Someone please email me at or i would love to have him. Tell him im from bay area san francisco and i recently bought a 480k dollar 3 bedroom house. It’s not a hollywood superstar mansion but i sure can afford a hundred of thousands of dollars…m You know what i mean gaya. Please email me, anyone.

  2. Bakit ang sama ng pinagsasabi n’yo kay Kirst Virus mga baklang animal kayo e ang bait kaya n’yan! Mamatay kayong lahat sa inggit mga patay-gutom!

    1. Tulad mo, Vietnam Thorn, if you really are the original Vietnam Thorn.


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