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      1. Hello Admin / Thorn. Now you’re using my name. You know I would never cuss, as in “g_g_”. That’s NOT very nice. Ur so bad.

        Anyway, pleeeaassee let me have the one in the middle?!

    1. taong bundok! Nai-post na ito ni Sir RD noong nakaraang linggo lang. Nas’an ka ba ng magsabog ng liwanag sa kamunduhan?

    1. Vietnam Thorn, ni isa sa kanila ayaw sayo kase dika talaga pwede sa kanila.

      Kaya, SHUT DA FUCK UP ka nalang. K?


        1. Pake mo, “MUGZ”!

          Sige, kaw din SHUT DA FUCK UP! Trip mo din pwet ng tatay mo!


    1. That event was for a noble cause (Charity) and I am pretty sure that they agreed to participate in that, otherwise, they could have said no and looked for other event to participate in. Just because they stripped to their underwears it means that they are exploited, it only means that they are professional enough and socially conscious to participate in a fundraising event for Red Cross (which is an International Organization tasked in helping in times of great needs, catastrophies. medical missions and other activities for the good of humanity).

      1. Blah! Blah! Blah! You don’t know the real reason behind it, “Mugz”.

        Gaylord ben Chan realized that there would be a lot of sex-crazed money-gays in that event and he’s showing off his “wares”.

  1. i dont see any relevance in having men strut in their underwear, bulges and all, in a charity gala event. parang ibinebenta sa mayayamang umattend. tsk tsk tsk. modeling is really glamorized prostitution

    1. Napaka-puritan at judgemental mo naman. Verify the theme of the event, perhaps you will find out the relevance then.

      1. @ako_ito

        Pagpasensyahan mo si “MUGZ” kase kakalabas lang sa CONVENT (YES, SA CONVENT).


  2. uulitin ko lang. may fashion show din kasi ito sa loob featuring works of Chito Vijandre. sana lang sa loob sila pinarampa before the main event. kung ganun sana walang problema. pero nilagay ba naman sila jan sa daanan ng guest..maybe Bench wants to have a “live art installation” pero hindi achieve. ang laswa nung dating lalo na yung patuwad tuwad nila with matching robe. wala talaga connect sa red cross..yun yung prob.

  3. Again, as RD mentioned in previous Post, modelling jobs are slim pickings nowadays. These guys need to put food on their tables, too.

    1. Again, as I have told you many times Vietnam Thorn, you should…

      SHUT DA FUCK UP!!!

      Why don’t you insert food up your ass since that’s the mouth you’ve been using to speak all this time.


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