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Derrick in tights as Tsuperhero!

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    1. Sana nilagyan ng padding ung birdie. Sana may padding para macho, ano ba GMA, pantasya nmintong bagets na to, mukang leche lang. Tsk.

  1. few more years for sure endorser na siya ng Bench Underwear..excited for that!! Anyway, he’s way hotter than pabebe boys of need to mention who are they

      1. powkie u! dont u know me?! im rich and powerful! unlike not u! poor and powerless!!! dont you ever step on me again! shame! gays shud love each other not quarrel together! damn gays like u! u are not well breaded! u r trash!

  2. ang mga gma talents puro katawan na lang… wala naman talent… so daanin na lang sa ganyang mga klase ng project, machete zaido cyclopes este spandexhero

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