Hot Men in the Philippines


Luis in fancy costume!

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    1. No offense, pero next please… Nkkmiss sina Jheem Kazumi, JM Martinez, Miko Pasamonte, Victor Aliwalas, and papa Tony Lapena. Love u mama RD! ❤❤❤

    1. luis is currently enjoying in PBB seeing daily naked body of Tanner Mata. for sure he was d one who remove his underwear so other guys like tanner will remove also his underwear. surely ther wil be sumthing hapen between d 2. im sure tanner is liberated since he can not sex with other girls inside pbb. he will sex with luis who lures him so.. thats wat predict..

  1. Someone please email me at or i would love to have him. Tell him im from bay area san francisco and i recently bought a 480k dollar 3 bedroom house. It’s not a hollywood superstar mansion but i sure can afford a hundred of thousands of dollars…m You know what i mean gaya. Please email me, anyone.

    1. Ay korak ka dyan te! Akala ko nga make up na hindi natanggal e. Totoo palang eyebags! Ang itim. Well, nagsasabi lang naman tayo ng totoo. Hindi tayo nanlalait hahaha

  2. Nai in målili’e i chiliña si papa Luis Hontiveros ni muben leklokña, kålan hita i man asagua-ña, hita i man i’iyo-ña, kålan guiya i asaguaña ya kålan hita i man keridaña. I feel more inlove with him because of…you know that. We see his boyhood free of charge.

  3. itong luis na to ang mas bet ko, di yung luis na host/actor/…. at kung anu ano pang slashes… na di lang mayabang eh sing taray pa ng ilan sa ating mga kasapi

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