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The happy stripper.

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    1. potah ka trillanes r u still alife? My gas. i thought ur died. how many times have u been f-ck? so iwww.. chabiness is next to oiliness..

      1. Yeah mukha nga. Pulang pula, mukhang lahat ng dugo nasa titi nya. And thats bad coz it might cause ischemia at mamatay yung tissues.

    1. You troll this blog for pictures of naked men and you keep complaining that they are too hairy and not sexy enough because they are not uncut. Go and troll websites from China/Thailand/Japan you stupid, ignorant bitch from the Island of Thieves.

      1. Korek ka jan! You know this is a pinoy blogsite and you dont expect uncut penises here! You kinda irritating already chamorro!

          1. Stupid bitch, you base your ASSumption on what you see on this blog? You think that’s the truth and then you generalize that true pure blood Filipino men are uncut? You know nothing about Filipino men. The more you post the more your ignorance about Filipino culture shows

            1. Baka totoong pinoy yan ang lalaking hindi tuli sa blog page na yan sinasabi ni karelin. Malay natin. Paano kung totoo ang sinasabi ni karelin?
              Hoy nasa internet age tayo, kaya puedeng malaman ng kahit sino sa ibang parte ng Mundo ang tungkol sa mga pinoy kahit hindi pa run sila nakarating sa pilipinas kahit kailan.
              If karelin doesn’t know about Filipino culture, you cannot find her until now or she is supposedly nonexistent here until now.

            2. I never think most pure blood Filipino boys are uncut. I relying only to the truth. The truth is majority of pure blood filipinos are CUT! Cut Filipino boys are 94% of all Filipino male population. Only 6% are uncut. Among uncut Filipino boys, most of them are full-blood pure Filipinos.
              If you really sure that I know nothing about Filipino “men” ( I don’t know that men you mean are boys, girls or gays), I really insist that cut Filipinos are just SMALL MINORITY of the whole Filipino population!
              Filipino culture is not homogenous, even within Luzon or Mindanao only.

              1. ” I really insist that cut Filipinos are just SMALL MINORITY of the whole Filipino population!”

                You insist? Is this your intelligence talking? The more you keep posting the more your ignorance is shown about Filipino culture.

                1. Tanga at bobo ka pala eh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  ” I really insist that cut Filipinos are just SMALL MINORITY of the whole Filipino population!”

                  Gagawin talaga niya yun kapag sigurado mo na wala talagang alam si karelin tungkol sa mga pinoy o kultura ng mga pinoy.

                  Sa totoo lang, Sigurado si karelin na halos lahat (94% na sinabi niya) ng mga lalaking pinoy sa buong pilipinas at tuli nga, mapa purong pinoy o mestisuhin.

                  The Karelin’s point about all Filipino boys who are uncut is mas nakararaming PINOY NA HINDI TULI ay mga PURONG DUGONG PINOY.

                2. Hey, I never insist that cut Filipinos are small minority in the Philippines because I know the truth that 94% of Filipino boys are cut.

              1. I’ll tell you what Filipino culture is regarding circumcision when you can accurately tell me what is this so called “pure blood Filipino” bullshit you are posting here.

                1. Karelin has more knowledge about Filipinos than you! Ayan, bobo ka sa math kasi eh! Hindi mo alam na mas maraming probinsya o mga bayan sa pilipinas ang narating ni karelin kaysa sa iyo o natin.

                  Karelin is right about the Filipinos!

                  How about yours, what is your claim about the percentage of circumcised Filipinos if yours is true while karelin’s is wrong?

                2. I know there are the presence of adult Filipino boys are uncut.
                  Pure blood Filipinos are 70% of the total population of Filipinos while the rest are mixed blood and no Filipino blood at all who have Filipino citizenship combined. The percentage of cut Filipino boys of pure blood descent is 64.4% while the uncut Pinoy boys of pure blood Filipino descent is 5.6%. The percentage of the total number of uncut Filipino boys is 6% of the total population. That means, only .4% of Filipino boys are uncut of mixed blood descent.
                  Of all uncut boys in the Philippines, most uncut Filipino boys are pure blood Filipinos! Why? Because pure blood Filipinos forms the overwhelming majority of the total population of the Filipinos!

                  1. This is totally nonsense! You base your pure blood Filipino explanations on nothing at all. You are making things up here, bogus stats, and you are too preoccupied with the circumcision status of the naked men you see here. You are nothing but an obssessed anti circumcision troll. You have made too many contradictory statements to explain yourself and you go way out of topic with the challenge question you ask me. I

                    1. Nonsense means you, coz you are a pathetic brainless troll. You are nothing but bashing and bullying anybody here and even the boys featured here on this blog. Then, get out of here if you are feel pissed off! Don’t come here again if you have no idea. Better shut your mouth or stop pressing the keyboard if you are brainless.

                    2. Suya ra ka kay bugo man ka! Karelin is right, you are truly brainless. That’s why you use a part of Spanish lyrics when you cannot understand Spanish.

                  2. This is totally nonsense?

                    Yeah, LIKE YOU. Coz you have no idea at all. You are just a pathetic brainless nut, that’s why you react to me like that.

                    If you really feel stressed, upset, pissed off or disgusted because of me, if I were you, MUCH BETTER I WILL GET OUT OF HERE AND NEVER COME BACK HERE AGAIN, ANYMORE.

                  3. Ohhhh… what a pathetic brainless nut. That totally nonsense you mean is only you. You describing yourself. Guahu ha’ muma’asi nu hagu. Na’chalek yu’ nu hagu.

                3. Male circumcision is not the Filipino culture anymore. Male circumcision is the culture of the most idiot people in the whole universe, always. Filipino boys force themselves to undergo male circumcision due to the severe idiocy of their countrymen called peer pressure. Peer pressure is an idiot and stupid culture by calling them “supot/pisot/paltak” towards any uncut boy, especially if an uncut boy is a pure blood Filipino. Only the most idiot craps can able to use the word “supot/pisot” against the uncut boys.

                4. Those adult filipino boys who are uncut are highly open-minded and very resistant against their countrymen’s idiocy and stupidity. Uncut boys are more common on the more progressive cities(1st to 2nd class cities) and municipalities(Mostly first class) and then uncut boys are totally absent/nonexistent in the Philippines’ top ten poorest provinces, warfreak provinces and the municipalities with the population density of 10 person per sq. kilometer or less.

                  1. Some people I asked said, uncut Filipino boys are most common in Iloilo. More common than in Manila and Cebu which are the two most progressive cities in the Philippines. By tribe, those who are totally uncut boys from the Philippines are the non-muslim Indonesian Filipinos, Japanese Filipinos, Thai Filipinos, Vietnamese Filipinos and Chinese Filipinos of full blood Chinese who speak Chinese languages only as their daily language instead of Philippine languages or English.

                  2. But still, majority of Ilonggo boys are still cut. By in maximum number, probably 2 out of 10 Ilonggo boys are uncut. But those Indonesian Filipinos, Japanese Filipinos, Thai Filipinos, Vietnamese Filipinos, other Southeast Asian Filipinos, Indian Filipinos, Pure-breed European descent and full-blood pure Chinese Filipinos who speak Chinese only as their primary mother tongue are surely all uncut, means by ratio, they are 10 (could be 11) out of 10 boys are uncut.

                  3. Thank you for that further information, Kalaka. But still, majority of Ilonggos are cut. I’m sure all coastal municipalities of Isabela province has zero uncut Filipino boy population, so if you are intolerant against uncut boys, pues those all municipalities in Isabela I mean are very suited to you as your homeland and finding your Mr. Right!

                5. The truth about Filipino boys revealed! Thanks Karelin for that information, even you are not a Filipino, you know more about the Philippines such as about the Filipino boys than some Filipinos here. Warfreak provinces are in Bangsamoro, MY GUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KUNG DI MO GANAHAN UG LALAKI NGA DILI TULI, KUNG AKO PA NINYO, MAGPA IYOT NA LANG KO SA MGA ABU SAYYAF UG MGA MAUTE GROUP.

              2. Sadyang tanga at bobo ka talaga! Malinaw ang sinabi ni karelin eh. Hindi mo ba nabasa hung 94% o 94 out of 100 na lalaking pinky mga tuli samantalang hung 6% and hindi tuli? Sa lahat ng mga lalaking pinoy na hindi tuli, mas maraming hindi tuli na lalaking pinoy ang may purong dugong pinoy (ibig sabihin, walang halong dugong dayuhan tulad ng dugong kastila at tsinoy).
                Basa basa at isip isip naman pag may time kung hindi ka talaga bobo!
                You cannot get what Karelin mean because you are a very pathetic stupid idiot!

          2. Hey, I’m not generalizing that the pure blood Filipino boys are uncut because I know circumcised Filipinos are always at 94% or 94 out of 100 Filipino boys are cut. 6% are uncut but like the majority of Filipinos, majority of uncut Filipino boys are PURE-BLOOD FILIPINOS! Majority is different from “all”. I never think all or most pure blood Filipino boys are UNCUT! ESTUPIDO HAO!
            This is neither an assumption nor opinion! This is the truth!
            Ignorance ignorance i be’be-mu! If your claim is true, that means no Filipino boys are uncut? If you meet and see a pure blood Filipino adult boy uncut, you will ridicule him by calling him “supot/pisot/paltak”?!

          3. Kindly specify the gender of “men” you mean, please! That “men” you mean are boys, girls or gays?! MAO NA PANGALAAN NGA BAYOT ANG MGA LALAKING PINOY KAY DI MAN KA MO SPECIFY NGA BOYS BA NA, GIRL OR GAY ANG “MEN” NGA GIPASABOT NIMO!

        1. What if this is a pinoy blogsite, it means there is no uncut Filipino boys at all left anywhere in the whole Philippines?


        2. Don’t call me I’m irritating here because I’m not bullying Vietnam Rose! I never bullying anybody here. I will confront you if you are the first to bully me, troll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Sorry, I’m not like you, so don’t call me troll. Watch out from your word! I don’t know what is the gender of “men” you mean! That “men” you mean are boys, girls or gays?! Ekkua adai, ka’duko’ hao!

      3. For your information, she is not complaining of hairy and cut boys. She just telling the truth. Her comments are more very interesting and informative than yours. Analyze naman sa kanyang mga komento pag may time kung mas matalino ka sa kanya! Ikaw talaga, wala kang magagawa kundi paninira lang sa kapwa dito!

  1. Saan ba yan RD saan bar yan at mapuntahan nakakasawa na macho dancer na may tali or rubber band sa titi.. OK yan natural erection lang

    1. Siempre, dahil tuli yang hubo’t hubad na lalaking yan. Max lalong having usapan at isyu any pagtutuli kung hindi tuli any lalaking yan. Parang hindi pinag uusapan ang pagtutuli no, dahil konserbatibo pa rin ang mga pinoy!

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