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 Diego Loyzaga and his tats

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    1. hay ganyan talaga pag baklush nagpapatattoo para additional points na lalake factor daw.. ako nga e im planning na magpatattoo ng star sa palibot ng tumbong ko.. pra masurprise ung mga papasok sa butas ko o di ba.. me star bfor pumasok.. parang star ng noche buena lang hihihi

    1. Meaningless? The tattoo on his back, fyi, is the Southern Cross as represented on the Australian flag. As you may know, Diego lived in Sydney, Australia. Hence, the tattoo is incredibly meaningful. The tattoo on his thigh looks like a yin yang symbol. Again, meaningful is you know the philosophy behind it. To me, they add to Diego’s appeal.

      1. To give more incredible meaning. Why not put the sun and three more stars representing the Philippine flag where his parents are from. Puede isama na rin Spain o kung saan man galing ang apelidong Loyzaga. and Japan or Korea or China symbols, where Yin Yang came from. Meaning meaning ka pa. Tattoo na mukhang Sea Urchin. Sayang na balat.

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