Hot Men in the Philippines

See-through Michael!

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  1. Tang ina rd, kahawig to ng pinsan ko Lol!
    Nakakatawa lang kasi madalas kaming magsabay nung pinsan kong yun maligo at magpaka exhibitionist sa kalye namin na naka white boxers after mag basketball. Hehe

    1. where is this can i found??? meged!!!! im so finding him werever he may be!!!! pleas rifly wer is he can be found??? wer???

  2. Ang ganda at saraap ng uten ni michael. Isa ako sa pumila at after d 3rd try na getz ko na cya. Worth it sa laki at makatas. Syeraaap

    1. Yeesh. Here we go again. By the way Karelin, we are no longer under Spain, so everyone is considered Filipino. And in case you don’t know, indio was considered a bad term for the native Filipinos. It was for LOWER class people, probabaly like you and your “dickfies”

    2. Calling the attention of Admin: this racist pig refers to Filipinos as Indios, a derogatory term used by the Spaniards. He should be banned from this site. Several people have called him out, but he hasn’t responded positively.

      1. This Karelian guy must be the dumbest and the most stupid guy on the planet, and this includes Earth and UrANUS. Hahaha!

  3. sana mag rent na lang ng ganto ang frat ng up for their oblation run para di naman nagiging buntis congress or parada ng lechon kinakalabasan

    1. oo nga ….bat hindi mo na pinost yung video ng super dooooooper kong crush na si DAVE SANTOS ????????????”?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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