Hot Men in the Philippines

Buddy love!

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    1. u knew wat? both of they are bottoms. when they sex each other, they have a very long dildo with glans penis on each sides and they both insert each ends in each others ass hole while with their bottox facing each other and they pump back and forth, and forth and back or vice versa and they satisfy each others like this only this..

    1. Maka bayot ka naman teh! Bayot ka rin naman. In other terms bading, bakla, jokla. Sarili mong pagkatao sinusuka mo! Wag mong sabihing lalaki ka lol

    1. Wala nang point na magout sya dahil alam naman nya na halos lahat sa atin alam na ang gender preference nya.

  1. this is an edited pic. iba supposedly right sleeves ng hoodie ni eric if you zoom it in. yes they are together in the pic pero inadd lang ang kamay sa mukha ni piolo.

      1. hindi ako si piolo haha pero obvious naman na edited talaga ang pic. pinaliit pa ng husto ang file size para maging grainy at mag blend in ang kamay. rd ikaw nagedit nito? turn off. back to mga real scandal photos na lang please.

        1. For d sake of clarification could u provide a link to the orig unedited pic so the readers can judge ?

          1. no i dont have the original photo pero izoom in mo lang makikita mo na magkaiba ang design ng sleeves ni eric. you may refer to other photos of piolo na edited naman pero magaling ang nag edit haha. soon lalabas din ang orig photo. ang sa akin lang, kung orig photo ito, its so hot! haha pero kung ieedit para lang gumawa ng issue, bad.

            1. I agree, look closely dun sa photo, ginawang blurry para magtugma yung another photo sa original photo. What I think is yung photo pinadala lang kay RD, I hope ‘wag magpost ng mga ganito…

    1. agree. bakit gustong gusto natin na pagtawanan, pagchismisan, ipahiya at ibully ang mga katulad natin tapos ang ingay natin sa lgbt rights kunwari… may right tayong magladlad o sa closet lang kung gusto natin. hindi porket ladlad ka, dapat lahat ganun din.

      1. Korak. Most badindings are so envious of others. Aminin? Especially the ugly and those who dont have money. Inggit much ang drama.

      1. Yes dear. At pwede rin nilang gamitin ang isang malaking dildo, sabay nilang ipasok both ends until mag pompyang ang ass cheeks nila in the middle.

  2. What I don’t like about this two is the way they diss rumors regarding their sexuality, as if being gay is the worst thing that can be said about a man.

    1. what i dont i like about gay people like you is mangialam sa decision ng ibang tao. eh sa ayaw nilang magsalita about their sexuality bakit kailangan na isatisfy ka nila? sino ka?!

        1. And THIS comment made you what? Yeah, you guessed it right, pathetic! Correcting the grammar of a native speaker on a gay blog site! Lol. I won’t be surprised if you’re… Nah, never mind… Lol.

        2. Just a question though, how were you able to reply on your own comment in just a minute? Di ba comments are subject for approval? Lol #alamnathis

          1. You should know db ikaw din lang sumsagot sa mga kaekekan mo. Vovang veklah! They don’t owe you any explanation noh

            1. Haha… Hi Ardy Statue. Lol… Pls say hi to Rita Pintasera, Impong in-peymous for me pretty pls. I kinda miss them na. Lol. Like you, Im not an admin of this site, so you should know I know nothing, unless… Lol…

      1. Oh Im sorry if you failed to understand what my point is. I can hardly care whether they come out of the closet or not. My two cents is regarding how they deny it, its as if being gay is a plague that should be avoided. They could be more sensitive in how they address these rumors, just like how Shawn Mendes handled it.

      2. Vovang vekla wla naman sya sinabi n umamin n sla s sexuality nla noh! Me mga str8 at str8 kuno ksi n kng mkadeny ih wagas! Pra lng msavi n str8 sla ih prang diring diri lng s mga vekla!

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