Hot Men in the Philippines

Mykel preps back stage.

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  1. nku Mama RD… maghuhuramentado na nmn ang baklang isda na si Cyrus nyan cge ka… me nangingialam sa alaga nya… kundi b nmn sang garamon n kashongahan… papajoin mo sa mga show n gnyan alaga mo tpos pag napikturan galit na inagawan ng buto hihihi…


    1. meged… where is really mykel???? tell me now i mean now is the time to tell me where is mykel now??? i wana hired him for sure!!! i wana have him pack my ass and my mouth then my toes my knees my shoulders my head ganern!!! now na!!!

  2. Is that Mykel Genosa, right? Do you have his fb account? If there is another way to find, maybe I will try to find him on comelec website. Hihihihihi. Lol!

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