Hot Men in the Philippines

Addy Raj rising!

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  1. QUEEN RD, pa-feature naman c Hashtags Paulo A! Ewan ko bat lately nababaliw ako sa kanya, e dati nman wala akong pake duon… taga saan ba xa talaga at wer xa schooling???

  2. Super hot nito talaga. Pero bakit parang ambilis ko maumay? Para akong humigop ng isang buong braso de mercedez. After nun wala, coma.

    (Edit, baka kasi alam nyang gwapo sya and yung smile nya e sinasabi ‘gwapo ako, gwapo ako, gwapo ako!!!)

    1. let me tell you why. coz’ being a lookalike is a nega in showbiz. wala kang originality pag sinabing ka-lookalike ka. unless mag-iba ka ng image by adopting an image which is the complete OPPOSITE of the lookalike. kung sweet si lookalike, adopt notoriety as the opposite image para mapansin.

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