Hot Men in the Philippines

Slater Young is happy!

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    1. wehhh? he is so gay besh.. he was d 69 partner of another pbb contestant batchmate of him.. and wat i hear is that their marriage is on d rocks and mountains because he does not do eating d vagina of her wife.. poor kay abad..

  1. Schoolmate ko sya before sa University of San Carlos. Ang bait niya in person at ang rich nila….

    1. Kung ganun walang pag-asa ang baklang kanal na katulad ko sa kanya. Stick nalang ako sa mga feeling rich na paminta sa facebook.

  2. He’s not gay. Straight sya. Medyo payat siya now dahil subsub sa trabaho. Now lang siya nakapag bakasyon kasama gf niya.

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