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Mr. Real Universe – Phils 2016 Verge Llego


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  1. This guy has a video on how to apply make up when going to the gym. It was a bad video because he could not express himself

  2. Kaloka si Virgelio.. Catholic school pa to nagaaral dito sa Cebu. Palagi ko pang niloloko to kasi secretary siya sa college department namin…

  3. Beki yang si verge. Botomesa si ate. Laging may booking sa ga tower. Nagpaturok sa ilong naging kamukha ni lani misalucha

  4. kilala ko yan.From cebu xa.Mga friends nya patagong gays at nagmomodel din.Hipon.yan dati.heheje sorry sa word pero totoo yan.
    Kung sila lng ng mga friends nya.Kimbot to the max yan

  5. mr.& ms calendar bikini open are welcome for applicant please call 09216424854 and 09759247378. look for tito boyet also need 12 models for show on feb 18 2017

  6. I had an encounter with this guy once here sa Cebu.

    True yung boots na may heels. hahaha

    True din yung mayagpis na legs.

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