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  1. Look familiar ? He is one of the luz valdez candidate sa Manila’s Finest Hunk 2016 kasi naman kung rumampa parang robot ang leeg. Sino kaya handler nito , hindi turuan ng maayos sa modelling ang gusto lang eh magbuyangyang ng tarugo para magka- booking.

  2. That’s the reason why we really hate Filipinos… because they cover their dick. Proven that Filipinos are more sexually conservative even than the Muslim Malaysians and Indonesians combined. Fi!ipino have useless beauty because of censorship!

      1. Is Philippines is a rich country? Is Philippines is the first world country? Think then see yourself and your country first before bashing me!

    1. The total number of filipinos who have their photos showing their dicks and pussies (e.g. Rein Cruz, Patrick San Miguel, Michael Pangilinan, etc) are just only 4% to 6% of the total number of Indonesians who show their dicks uncensored, so like this naked pinoy boys are 6 only while naked Indonesian boys showing their cocks are 100.

    2. Bitter bitch from the island of thieves, all you can do is rant online on your borrowed computer from the basement of your mother’s house.
      In real life you can never hope to touch these dicks you lust for online because you are so ugly and repulsive with your appearance and attitude.
      Keep spewing your nonsense here. This is your only safety valve from a wasted pathetic life. Typical Chamorro indeed. Lazy, obese and spiteful.

      1. You are not different from me. My country was the land of thieves but your country is always be the most corrupt country in Asia! How about you, you don’t use online as your only safe valve from a wasted pathetic life? If I’m like that, be sure you are not here, ANYMORE UNTIL NOW! But why you are still here? You are not different from me at all.
        Lazy, obese and spiteful? If we are like that, be sure my country will be as very dirty and polluted as MANILA and be sure WE ARE DIFFERENT WITH YOU AND YOUR FAMILY! We have shantytowns supposedly as pathetic as Manila.

      2. Lazy, obese and spiteful? If we are like that, be sure WE ARE NOT DIFFERENT AT ALL. Are Filipinos not lazy? You act like you never have a Filipino enemy in your entire life timeline until now.

      3. Yeah I never hope to touch these dicks but I already touch some of them. Some are intact which you called supot in your foul language. Why? Because I was in the Philippines several years ago.

  3. Happy Valentines Day to all boys who have dickfies or nude photos showing their cock featured here, especially those who have girlfriend, wife and children.

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