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  1. RD, this was at a Psalmstre event last year for the Miss Earth 2016 candidates. Andrea modelled together with John Raspado, June Macasaet, and Fernando Alvarez, among other international male pageant titlists and contestants. I hope you could eventually show pictures of them at said event, too. Thank you po.
    Andrea has been SO BUSY with various endorsements since he got back from competing at Surabaya last September: the folks back in Vittoria and Freiburg are asking if and when he would be back, although I think he spent Christmas back home… Good for him, he seems to be enjoying as much local success as some of the more prominent Brazilian models. And he speaks Ilocano better than Tagalog!

  2. muy guapo. gusto ko gumawa ng makeup vlog na siya lang ang mawdel ko. may pagka latino kasi ang facial features. medyo kulang lang sa cheekbones pero kaya ko naman i-contour yan.

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