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Singer Daryl Ong goes cutesy

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      Si darl ong
      na isang paminta
      ngpapalaki ng maskels
      para mgmukha syang hipon.

      si daryl ong. bow

    2. Wait. Why is gay a derogatory word still? (Although I do apologize if you did not mean to use it as a derogatory word, hirap konti basahin what the commenter means when you just read what they say eh lol.)

  1. Hipon pero ma appeal. “The walking note” nga dapat ang tittle nito sabi nung vice ganda hindi yung r&b eklavoh na tinatawag sa kanya. Hahaha

    1. ang yabang naman nito kung makapagsalita. daryl is hot and handsome for your information. he is indeed very much attractive. hindi siya hipon. he is also in the list of our singers with not just a good voice but with good looks too. daryl is also very down to earth and accomodation to his fans. I already saw him alot of times.

    2. ang kapal ng pagmumukha mo kala mo kung sino ka makapagcomment dyan. magdahan-dahan ka sa pagcocomment mo dito.

  2. He’s very hot in person. Malakas ang dating and very manly. Although, that one time na I saw him, he’s with a decent looking gayguy na I’m not sure RM niya, PA or Talent Coordinator niya yun. u8

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