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Figure skater Michael Martinez NOW!

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      1. Puke ng inang nagmamarunong na Baklang Bulok! Walang mali sa “Look alike of my officemate”! Pwede ring “My officemate’s lookalike” or “He looks like my officemate”! Bago ka nga mag comment ng #RIPenglish , check mo muna kung mali ba talaga, puke ng AMA MOH!!!! Eto ang dapat na hashtag diyan, PUKE NG LOLO MOH!!! #RIPAnonymous !!! PRAK!

      2. Who cares if it’s right or wrong?! nagkakaintindihan naman. stop the crab mentality with those grammar nazi comments.

  1. Hope he can land those quads para mas maging sikat siya sa Figure Skating. Tapos makilala siya worldwide as the hottest, sexiest figure skater evahhh hehe

  2. gwapo at truly masarap! i also feel he looks good din down there. he looks classy unlike most na may itsura and may katawan pero cheap looking.

  3. He used to jerk off with guys on skype. He’s a really nice guy. Super accommodating sa mga jerk sessions pero sabi niya he had to stop doing it because it’s wrong. Sayang. He’s not big but his body will do it for you.

  4. Confirmed beki! Saw him in a gay bar in San Francisco with his oldy pinoy gay friends. Napapalibutan, ang hirap tuloy lapitan.

      1. Why’s that hard to believe? It’s probably because if you shared this tale with us, you wouldn’t believe it yourself.
        (…you WERE actually in San Francisco.)

      2. Well, it’s up to you. But i must say, rd’s followers are not limited to pooritang bekis sa pinas (like you). There is a huge community of gay filos in the States too. 🙂

  5. He used to jerk off with guys on skype. Super accommodating nya kahit umaga ka pa tumawag. Really nice guy. Pero he had to stop doing it daw coz it’s wrong. He’s not big pero ok lang kasi mabait naman.

  6. I don’t mind if he’s gay or straight. The only thing that matters is that he is freakin hot!

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