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  1. marvin opened a new restaurant in sanfo…
    dami nya talaga pera ahh… (actually it’s a corporation and he’s just the face of the group)

    markki stroem is in sanfo for acts in lea salonga’s concert and with entire family for his brother’s grad…

    kayo talaga kung maka chismis…

    well not sure on markki’s sexuality but he has a single mom girlfriend…

  2. Ang swerte talaga Marvin…generous ng benefactor nya….full support sa lahat projects nya. But does he still play around? Call a friend…hehehe!

  3. I saw Marvin Agustin at the Badlands, a gay bar in the Castro sometime in February of this year. A friend wanted to have a selfie with him, but he refused, his manager told my friend that he’s not out yet.

    1. Suuuuuure, like we believe your claims because:

      1) Badlands (Gay Bar) sa SF??? Post ka nga link to your FB account na nasa SF ka and inside this club.

      2) Post ka nga pics of Marvin allegedly inside this gay club with the date to match.

      3) FB link sa friend mo na yun who wanted to have his photo taken with Marvin kuno.

      4) FB link and Name netong manager ni Marvin.

      You have 48 hours to comply.

  4. I’ve seen Marvin Agustin dito sa NY a couple times and he’s always with a guy or group of guys na obviously gay. And I heard him talk while he’s with them and it’s not the same pag nakikita mo sya sa TV. Malamya sya magsalita at halatang bakla.

    1. Kaw din, like we believe your claims because:

      1) How do we know that you are really in NYC? Link sa FB account mo nga.

      You have 48 hours to comply.

  5. Anong problema kung bakla si Marvin Agustin? Yung pagiging bakla nyo ba big deal din sa mga sarili nyo? Sabihin nyo mga chismosa kayo bagong chismis na nmn na pag fiestahan. Naku tumigil na kayo rin bakla. Kung ayaw nyang mag out choice nya yun at wala kayong paki! Ano ba mga bakla d2 matuto nga kayong maging masaya para mga kadugo nyo. Dami nyong chuchu… Chinis! Kaloka. Atupagin nyo yung pagiging bakla nyo putang ina nyo mga hinayupak na chismosa! Pati si RD chismosa din oh matokhang ka sana! Galit ako tabi mga baklang chismosa!

  6. We GAYS MUST SUPPORT our Fellow GAYS, out or not out!!! At d end of d day, Bakla lahat tayo ok. So wag ng gawin Big Deal ang pagka Gay ng ibang tao or personalities.

  7. Why people find it hard to believe if someone claims he was in San Fran or New York, etc? I’ve been in San Fran a few times too (i’m an OFW), so I can attest that Bandlands is a popular gay club in Castro (gay district). Few months ago, I commented that I saw Michael Martinez (ice skater) in Badlands and I almost got bashed…

    1. Isa ka din! Quick:

      1) Link sa FB account mo nga pati OFW ID mo plus photos na nakita mo si Michael Martinez sa Badlands na yan.

      You have 48 hours to comply.

  8. Si marvin pa talaga ang gay ha! Eh mas straight pa yan sa mga tatay niyo eh. Nagpachupa nga yan kay katrina paula noon diba? May anak pang twins. Mga malisyosong bakla!

  9. Marvin Agustin bakla? Hindi! Hindi! Straight kaya yan… Straight na titi ang gusto. Haha. Mga bakla alam natin lahat na bakla si Marvin at Markki. Hindi na pinag uusapan yan and walang masama kung bakla sila. Nagpunta sa castro so what? Bading nga di ba?

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