Hot Men in the Philippines

When we were young…

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    1. Sang planeta ka ba nakatira? Kaliwa’t kanan ang endorsements at other major project tapos palaos? Google at social media lang katapat nyan para malaman mo ang mga information na mapagpapatunay na marami syang projects ngayon.

    1. True ivan din ako though James circa 2015 is really hot pero now?! Dugyot jejemon levels sa hairstyle niyang PAKBOY ang peg! LOL LOL

  1. James is a mix of cute and gorgeous.. Ganda pa ng katawan, tamang-tama lang ang built at hindi nasobrahan..

  2. Tatlong loveteams ang inaalagaan ng ABS CBN multi-media network; and James is the other half of one of these loveteams. With Viva, too supporting JaDine, paano malalaos agad si James? I am not his fan or their loveteam; or of anyone of these stars. Si Sarah nga, di nagtagal ang TV musical variety show at may mga flop na movies din eh; and yet di nawawalan ng projects. Think Piolo, too or even Marian and Dingdong. If one continues to be under the good graces of Viva, ABS CBN or any strong film/tv/other media outfit, he/continues to be relevant. From the other end, think Richard Gutierrez or even Kris Aquino.

    1. Yeah, it all boils down to LOYALTY. Sadly only a few has that. Nawala pa yung isa, si Kuya Germs.

      1. Yeah. Think Nora Aunor, too. Look just where is she now. Mother Lily, VIVA, and all three major TV stations don’t even care if she is The Superstar; and all because LOYALTY is never her trademark and has the habit even of bad-mouthing her former film & TV project producers and burning the bridges with them. If there’s anything LOYAL about her are her fans from her heydays who, sad to say, have long diminished in numbers…

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