Hot Men in the Philippines

The other guy in that video is ex-bikini boy Renzo Dy Brazil

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  1. not to throw shade but HUWAG MAGPAPALINLANG at MATATANSO,, he is SUPER BEX.. as in Malambot na nagpipilit magpaka bortang PAMINTA… with foundation required! Kulang nalang magpaka Senon

      1. if you don’t find something wrong with a Guy who portrays to be straight at magpapabook sa mga beking yayamanin only to find out later na kabaro din pala nila to at etits din pala ang habol then girl, you are vulnerable

  2. So what if he’s gay?! Bakla Dina uso mga baklang70’s ngayun! Mga PoGay at Bortang bakla na uso, pang BelAmi at SeanCody na ang physical representation ng mga gays ngayon, out na mga baklang pangit at pa girl, kahit Paminta pa yan yan ang uso ngayon and for d rest Gays with Class, so wag pilitin magpaka Vice, Roderick or Jobert mga toh.

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