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Model-baller Ameen Sardouk, commando

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    1. Wag kayo maniwala. Either VIRUS yung ipapadala netong claimant or isang sex video showing a totally different person.

      Claimant lang si Baklush!

    2. Tama si Other Person. Claimant lang yun and here’s PROOF…

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      1. Boba vax? Pag sinabi mo bang “SOLID performance”, ibig sabihin meron ding liquid at gas performances???lols

    1. Kadiri ni Baxura magsalita no?

      As if naman papatulan naman siya ng mga lalaki. Kahit Horsey Face si Inah Evans, for some strange reason me photos siya.

      Etong “Abby Gay” aka “Rap Beh” aka “Baxura”…wala!

  1. Saw him sa may UN avenue lunes ng hapon…nag aabang ng sasakyan…may kasama siyang girl…kaya pala pamilyar ang fez…

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