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Vin poses and preens

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  1. Jepoy ang sexy mo. Hubarin mo na kasi ang short mo eh. Ibon man may layang lumipad. Happy independence Day!

  2. Never ko pa ata nakita si vin na nakashirt. Or siguro kapag nakshirt sya, di ko pinapansin.

      1. Tologoh bah baks? Weno naman? Di naman ako delusional na bet ako ng mga bet kong celebs! Masaya na ko sa British bf ko baks! Lolz.

          1. cents? you need them more than I do. it is easy to bash others, but when it is about you and your family, you got butt hurt. hahaha. my rebuttal is n’t low class, you are just lower, that’s why you couldn’t get it. add those to your education in comprehension and logic.

  3. May scene sya sa “Extra Service” na movie na naka boxer briefs sya. Keri lang naman. Don’t hate me mga beks ha, medyo di ako tinigasan eh. Wla talaga.

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