Hot Men in the Philippines

Mr. Milby ruminates on oblivion

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  1. It’s sad when you’ve lost favor with the gay bosses. But I still love Sam and he’s still hot. Unlike many of his contemporaries who have not aged well at all.

      1. zanjo marudo the sugpo…
        but no worries… sam milby has business ventures… my niece is even boarding in a condo/dormitory owned by sam..
        he has restaurants and cafes as well

    1. si shrek po kamukha ni sam milby, alam ko parang hindi pero manood ka uli ng shrek tignan mo mapapansin mo kamukha sila

  2. Aging beautifully… pero palaos na talaga… isa daw ito sa mga hard-headed o stubborn talents ng Dos… malapit na daw xa isuka!

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