Hot Men in the Philippines

More Neil and bulge

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    1. i super like him. he was like my batchmates in U.P wher i got to suck all of em. in U.P where i graduated ther wer lots of pa-suck. we call it in U.P “palinis tubo naman”. i was so discreet then in U.P. but now im no longer in U.P im all d way gay with matching make-up and evrything unlike in U.P. but damn, i like his dick! i love U.P!

      1. Diba born and raised sa UK si neil? Anong pinagsasabi mong UP? Tska yung english mo sure kabang UP grad ka?

      1. Mas tanga ka! Alam ko! Sarcasm yan dun sa nagcomment dun sa isang post ni Madam RD! Kaya nga may “Char” eh!

    1. Stupid Andres and ITS non-witty comments. Dika talaga lumalabas sa kwarto mo no?

      Kawawang bakla!

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