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Teen Clint (Bondad)

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  1. Halatang may experience itong c Clint nung teenage days niya a aspiring and struggling model… it seems an old gay photographer took advantage of this young lad during his “boyish” era….

    1. I think first of all it takes bravery and lust, to be a Miss World is to carry a burning “torch”, it is like action carried out by one to illuminate the lives of many. And I would dedicate and spread my whole self, hahaha my love for dicks and my throat to try to uplift, empower and educate our sisterets. And it would be my greatest honor and duty to hold his torch, deep throat enough, so that the all the world could feel and see it’s cum. I thank you.

      1. Disgusting!

        No wonder society looks down on gays as nothing more than sex-crazed deviants that are “mas masahol pa sa hayop.”

        No sense of decency whatsoever. shameful!

        1. Hahaha so anong pinaglalaban mo te? it was a joke from catriona’s q&a.May mema ka lang teh eh no? Notice ko ikaw tong always nag cocomment ng nega at nag hahanap nang away dito parate. Feeling matalino classy at superior. Hahaha feeling lang. Malakas kutob ko na baklang matandang makunat na mukhang chewing gum na ni nguya na lg 2 ara fez nito. Ang bitter ocampo ni mamshie sa buhay. Lol

          1. Thanks for proving me right with your disgustingly low-class words and phrases.

            Goes to show that a majority of visitor’s to this blog are low-class, sex-crazed, homosexual degenerates.

            And you’re proud to be their Queen. Disgusting!

            1. Sorry to burst your gay bubbles dear, but I am the real Queen Bakatriona/Vakatriona Gay!!! Anyways, I am done with being a bayot with a mission, so whoever you are, my lowly impostor, go right ahead and use this. Iyo na poh. I’m just making it clear to everyone, that any comment made by any Bakatriona/Vakatriona is no longer the Original Queen! And I, thank you!!!

            2. Hahaha is that the best you can do? Pa ulit ulit dialog mo teh! So if na bwibwiset ka sa mga visitors at sa site na to bakit ka pa bumibisita at pumapatol dito? Ang saya lang at affected much ka. People like you always let us win. Kahit anong talak mo. Halata naman na kulang ka lang sa attention. From one bitch to another try mo kayang magpakatotoo. Hypocrita!

              1. Sigh another imposter pretending to be me. What a pathetic little homo you are. I’m never this salacious when I make my comments. I may be bitchy and feisty at times but I still have class, you know…

                Anonymous was right about you being disgusting and you can add being an impostor to your long list of being pathetic.

              2. Listen imposter, you’ve been called out and I agree with anonymous that you’re a disgusting low-born fag who has a serious identity-problem.

                1. Impostora? kris bernal is that you? Hahaha ang jeje mo teh! Sobrang ka panonood mo sa drama rama sa hapon, nag iilusyon kang may impostora ka! Hunghang! Hahaha well this debate is pointless, boring na teh! Just always keep it real sissy, have a good life. Mwaaah!

                  1. You’re the fcuking jeje-jologs with your cheap-ass tele-dramas which only poor fags like yourself know about.

                    Serious identity-problem you have and your language is atrocious to say the least.

      2. This could be none other than Regima Jorge, the impostorang palaka. I am the real Queen Bakat/Vakat, and I’m never this salacious when I make my comments. I may be bitchy and feisty at times but I still have class, you know…

  2. Meaning teenie bopper palang c Clint active na sa modeling world, kung sa Aussie ito nag start as model for sure natikman na toh, 60% ata ng population sa Australia eh LGBT.

  3. Hays, lahat na lang ginaya sa akin. Haha, pati yung The Real Queen, may impostora na rin, kalurks. But anyway, last mo na to impostora kasi from then on, never na ko magcomment as The Queen Vakat/Bakat, The Real Queen, etc etc… Iniimpostora kasi ako ng isang nilalang na bet si Andres. Gusto nya magkunwaring ako para kausapin siya ni Andres. Haha. O siya, sa yo na lahat teh. Ingat na lang kayo sa Baklang impostora. Madali namang malaman ang fake sa orig. Lol

    1. Go have yourself checked, impostor. You’re not only spouting nonsense but you actually believe that you’re me.

      The REAL me never uses low-class “beki” words and phrases nor do I use Tagalog as much as you do. THAT in itself is proof that you’re the fake.

      Well, poor people usually try to copy their betters.

        1. Nobody asked for your opinion, “poorita”. Go back to your shanty and ruminate on how you might be able to work in a beauty salon/parlor.

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