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  1. chos says:

    more of these pls

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ang dumi

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sa ilaw un ….

  4. anonymous says:

    bakla to like us, proud of u, beki albert

  5. 4Ps says:

    Panira tlga ung lighting na yan. Instead na mahide ung imperfections ng skin, mas nagmukha tuloy madungis at flawed ung skin

  6. Anonymous says:

    Gaga reflection mg makintab na surface un kaya parang blotches lumalabas sa skin. Try mag isip minsan.

  7. Erza says:

    Bench to?????

  8. Anonymous says:

    Sana pinagsama sama nila lahat ng bikini open veteran….

  9. Anna_Wintour says:

    Big mistake yung reflective floor – it created unflattering shadows na nagmukhang stretch marks/unsightly lumps. Hindi tuloy na appreciate fully ang mga pwet nila Rocco and co.

  10. pettunia says:

    I’ve seen him more naked than this

  11. Fenty Spears says:

    Mukhang Xander Ford!!! lols 😛

  12. Riri says:

    Wow Level up from dancer s solutions nsa bench na, sabagay malapit lang nmn head office ng solutions s bench

  13. Anonymous says:

    Graham Caygill din.

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