Hot Men in the Philippines

Beach boy David Licauco

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  1. first time ko sya makita kahapon in person!!!
    so tall, so gwapo!
    bakit ganun tho in pics ang ganda and sakto ng katawan pero payat in person!

    1. Ganun talaga teh sa Camera.
      It adds poundage.
      Ganun na ganun din sa mga Korean and kpop stars, etc.
      Lampayatot mga un pero sa TV mukhang may laman

      1. Agree. Even Alden Richards is payatot if you see him in Broadway. Sa TV akala mo Kung sinong macho. Even Baeby Basta is chubby but not that fat in person.

  2. Why did u delete the bam post? Did gma threaten to sue you? It’s now obvious that staff of the 3 networks go to this site. Mabuhay ka rd lol

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