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Out and proud in Boracay

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    1. At least may market para sa mga “Daddy” or mga so-called shonda para sayo…E IKAW ATE GURL? Sarreh.

    1. Wtf is wrong with people like you?! Kapag di magout pilit inaout, tapos pag nagout sasabihin career move. Wala na lulugaran sa mga katulad mo!

  1. which bring me into thinking,, mag out man sya or not, pareho parin naman ang judgement ng tao, mas liberating lang for him but still, he gets judged by the innate nature karamihan na mapang husga .may it be out loud or a self thought

    1. Here lies the remains of the English language. Grant o Lord upon it salvation, and may it have eternal peace.

      1. Eto na naman ‘tong grammar Nazi na ‘to. Teh, the only wrong with his sentences are spelling lapses, the syntax is still intact. Besides he’s code switching so your grammar policing is irrelevant

  2. You dont have to out yourself to chuoa titi u can always chupa anytime if u have the cash men nowadays are cheap and lazy if u have money they will do whatever u want them to do..

  3. Usually pag nag come out ang isang tao, lalo itong nagboblossom or gumagwapo kasi malaya na.
    Pero si Mark, parang lalong nastressed at mukhang nangayayat pa.

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