Hot Men in the Philippines

Father or son?

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    1. 6,500 or 65,000 kasi kung 65,000 yung price parang LV na wallet na ang katumbas super naman yata yung 65k

  1. for now ill take the dad…pero naiimagine ko na ang potential extreme hotness ni bagets pag nag-mature huh…yummmm

  2. Basta ako, mas gusto kong makita ulit si Wendell sa Bubble Gang. Freelance talent na kasi siya ngayon.

  3. kay papa wendell pa rin ako! i saw him once sa taping ng bubble gum noong araw sa star city. he looks so fresh and yummy in person. until now i couldn’t forget the day i saw wendell…. he is my fantasy!

  4. Father of course! sarap pa rin ni Wendell hanggang ngayon. Kinis ng puwet at siguro pink ang nota niya

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