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Alex Diaz contemplates on coming out

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  1. he’s cute but his care-free, pa-cool attitude is a major turn=off. BEING A BRAGGADOCIO IS NEVER A PLUS. Just like his BFF James.

    1. I have no idea who alex diaz is, so I don’t know anything about his attitude. Pero parang hindi tugma yung carefree + being braggadocio? Maybe you mean careless?

  2. okay lang sa kin kung mayabang or pa cool. Di ko naman sya nakakasama araw araw. As if magiging kaibigan mo sya para problemahin yung ugali nya. Importante ay magka-scandal sya at ma share sa sangkabaklaan lol!

  3. He hides his questionable personality through being free spirited, happy go lucky attitude. But to each his own. Kung choice nyang ataw lumantad, let’s respect him. Don’t be a drag, RD!

  4. Whether he comes out or not is entirely up to him. Everybody should support him if he did. ^_^

  5. hoy mga low class na bakla! kung gwapo na sa inyo yan aba kahit sino na lang na tambay sa kanto gwapo na sa inyo! mga parloristang walang taste kahit sino hahadahin! pweh!

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