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  1. A lot of these models are really famewhore.. selling themselves in public thru teasing photos either to gain likes and popularity OR for some financial favors

    1. of course and that is not surprising at all…normal na yan these days…at wag ka na rin magtaka…as long as meron namang kayang ipakita…

  2. I totally agree. Famewhores indeed specially Raven. He posts diff famous brands like jolibee as if he is the official endorser. Sic!

    1. gUrl bayad sila sa ganun just so you know. Companies pay these “social media influencers” for publicity bec they’re cheaper than real artistas yet they have a substantial number of followers

  3. the guy in the background is a Marcos supporter. HAHAHA he posted on his FB account na sana wala ng students from Manila would enroll to UP Baguio following a series of protests of UPB students against the Marcoses and Martial Law. Cheap!

  4. Nagawa na yan nina Bella Hadid & Kendall Jenner, the “Insta – Girls “. Same route lang din, they want to have a big break in modelling or possibly a career in showbiz thru exposure sa social media.

  5. Tom tacwigan is my schoolmate wayback in college. Baklang bakla sya in person promise. Tsaka dati syang sobrang taba

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