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  1. Wiiiitwiiit!!! Weeeh!!! Shupah chute chute aman pouh neay! Makesh meeh shoo kilitih kilitih! Hihihi!!!

    1. Wiiiitwiiit!!! Weeeh!!! Shupah yummerz akoh jan pewoh ai now di sha patol aken kashe me shooo baho en pangetz from bashurahan kashe akoh! Hihihihi!!!

    2. Armsh! Me shupa showee fouh being bashtoz kashe am bashura talaga! Mark Cruz yumeeeeh peoh he not lyk meh cosh me pangetz realee and bashura! Troot troot!


    1. Max: We’ve got pretenders, Daisy!
      Daisy: I know, Max! They just can’t be like us, Max!
      Max: Of course, Daisy! We’re siblings and we always get it on with each other!
      Daisy: I know, right! INCEST ROCKS!!!

      Max & Daisy: Heeheeheehee

    Daisy: Max, you do know that my Dad already allows you to taste his tool, right?
    Max: Sorry, Daisy! I always thought that Mark Cruz would let me taste his!
    Daisy: I know, right? But my dad enjoys you a lot, Max!
    Max: I know, right? Just like my mom enjoys you, Daisy!
    Daisy: I know, right?
    Max & Daisy: Hihihihihihi

  3. shutangina niyong tatlo: Pwettyihneshsh Raph Baeh, Max & Daisy and MaxSHIT & DaisHIT! tigilan niyo na ‘yang walang kwenta at nakakabwisit na comment niyo. para kayong si Inah Evans na papansin! mga leche kayo!!!! lalo ka na Pwettyihneshsh Raph Baeh, peste ka! iritang-irita na ko sa’yo! nonsense ka! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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