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  1. Max & Daisy: First!!! Wow! It’s Tony!!!
    Max: He is still so hot! What a face and body!
    Daisy: I have to agree with you on that, Max!
    Max & Daisy: Too bad he finds us UGLY!!!

      1. If he does have bipolar disorder, what do you have against that? I’m gay and I am afflicted with this mental disorder. It’s like you’re saying this gay person has cancer and that our fault?

  2. Whoootzies!!! Gulphzh! Yashsh pouh shi Tony LABrusca! Loveth loveth pouh!!! Pewoh tagalz na ayaw shaken kashe baho-baho koh daw kashe bashurahan akoh!!! Gang tingenz nalangz koh uleh!!! Hihi!!!

  3. Ang Gwapo nya at talented pa.. yung mga baklang panget lang na nagcocomment dito ng negative.. mga nagkakalat ng kapangitan nila..

  4. sorry pero si christian bautista ang naiisip ko pag eto nakita ko.. di man lang nakapagmana sa face value sa tatay.. pass muna

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