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  1. Max & Daisy: First for the UGLIES!!! Wow! Look at that cock!!!
    Max: He looks so hot! What a face and body!
    Daisy: I have to agree with you on that, Max!
    Max & Daisy: Too bad we prefer INCEST!!!

    Tsang Inah: I know, right?

  2. kahawig nya si Marc Lyndon dela Cruz — isang pinoy na naninirahan sa Australia


    1. anu ateh? anu yan past present future tense? tapos na ba o di natuloy? mama tagalog nalang nakaka nose bleed pa din

  3. I am with this guy way back Mandaluyong days, were at the same room in one of the townhouse there ung beki din owner ng townhouse. Maharlika townhouse search in fb. Jonard Braga ung real name nya, may naging asawa xa sa US name James Morrison idk lang what happen sa kanila but looks like hnd n din yata cla ng chubby n American. Then un nagpagawa ng ilong and some face enhancement then now an aspiring porn star na daw xa.

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