Hot Men in the Philippines

Vince Van Dorpe, Patrik Franksson or Jack Reid?

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  1. Whowzha!!! Whuwhuwhu, gushto koh shila peouh mga high-clash shilang lahat!!! Babah tinginz nila shaken ooh amhinin koh na isha lang akoung bashurah1 Mah brashes gawa lungz sa lumang pushtisho at kinakalawangz nuh alambre! !!! Hihi…

  2. Ah… the products op da Pilipino Drim: Work abrowd, merry old porenjer and make meni meni artista childrens for meni meni mani!

  3. lahat naman sila hot and hamdsome. pero kung papipiliin ako kung sino una, uhm… si vince una tapos si jack tapos si patrik.

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