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  1. SHEREP SHEREP! YAN ang dapat pinopost mo, RD! Hindi yung mga cheapanggang constestants sa mga rural bikini contests…

  2. Deserve ng ate niyo ang jumbo at chessy Aussie sausage pag nakaronahang miss u! Sana may video rin aside from miss u hihi..

  3. Pag may party at invited ako, at may lasingan, wala kayong lusot. Kapkap authority ito, wala akong sinisino sa Santa Ana. Hahahahahaha. – it’s britney bitch!

  4. The younger brother Kirk may be more photogenic, but when you meet them in person Clint stands out. Has this really confident but silent vibe, really masculine and sexy. Kirk is more like a boy-next-door type, who’s energetic, but still hasn’t figured out himself yet. Both of them are fun, and very gentlemanly too. Met them in Thailand, and they’re respectful. Never refused any request from fans to take photos of/with them.

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