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  1. Gheewheezh!!! Ahmsh, they shooo hoooot buty since ahm pwettyih pangetz keah they wontsh layk meh!!! Hihihi…

  2. Max: FIRST FOR THE UGLIES!!! Woot! Woot!
    Daisy: Are you saying something Max?!
    Max: Yeah, Daisy! I always wonder why guys like these two always tease us yet find us disgusting!
    Daisy: I know, right?
    Max: Well, Daisy! At least we still have each other! Go shit in my mouth, puhleeze!
    Daisy: Ugh! Not now, Max! I ran out of laxatives!

  3. “DP Fantasy”

    They approached her…lustfully.
    She ached for release; they are teasing her.
    Brothers, twin genes…both alpha.
    Older brother with thick, long member aimed at her tight, wet, warm pussy… the younger, he took her behind.
    She couldn’t believe it; she is being taken in bliss, heaven…
    Orgasm is rising; both brothers increasing their rhythm… like piston, hammering her…
    Until she could feel shiver, tension…as their orgasms released.
    Semen after semen.. entered her both holes.

    She lost all control.
    They took her. And she waits for more.

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