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  1. Eto CHEAP GUY with a FAKE NOSE for the jejemong bashurahan, Raph Bae! Problem is, ayaw patulan ni Simon yung bashurahan na yon!


    Magrereply yang BASHURAHAN na yun with “GEEEWEEEESH! JEJEJEJEJE” nonsense! Wait for it!

  2. Hay nako! Gasgas na yang letrato na yan! Nauubusan na ata ng materiales ipublish ang blog na ito! Wala bang bago?

  3. Peehpeehzh!!! Ohw ehm! Him looksh shoo naughthy aman pouh! Ahmsh, kei lungzh pouh kahith nah jutzh pouh shah!!! Cuteh cuteh aman pouh ng teehteeh neah eigh! Hihi…

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