Hot Men in the Philippines

What do JC Tan, Carlo Pasion and Renz Lou Lagria have in common?

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  1. They are all wearing pants…I guess. And maybe inside they both have big guns ready to fire to anyone needing some excitement.

  2. Wowshiezh!!! Ahmzh, meeh thinksh pouh, whath theshe threeh cuteshiezh haveh in common pouh izh thath they haveh crushh on meeh pouh! Hihi! Come come come cuteshiezh!!!

    1. Hahahahahahaha! Sabog sa tinapon na droga (basurahan) etong jejemong bashurah! Kung anu-ano nalang iniisip at tinatype.

      Kumakalawang na yang BRACHES MOH na pinulot mo sa BASHURAHAN!


  3. Admin, TATLO (3!)daw ang male international pageant this June sa Filipens – World (Saliba), Universe Tourism (Aguilan), at Man of the World (Ocat). Bantayan mo… At lalaban daw si Panopio somewhere…

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