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        1. Teh, I don’t go to Divi, but for you, I will, check ko kung talagang may kasing gwapo ni Vin dun. I’ll get back to you!

  1. Yan ang BURAT PINOY! Manly, great sex appeal, and that face – most Filipinos won’t like it(?), but white girls and gays would go gaga for that face and skin tone!

    Interviewed in TWBA, he said he’s willing to use SEX to get what he wants.

    1. And why not? After all. it’s his body and life and if there is anybody who should profit from all this, it should be him.

    2. Well, that has always been pretty obvious. That’s why he is in ABS CBN now. Right, Coco Martin, Jake Cuenca, Paulo Avelino, JC De Vera, Kiko Estrada, Aljur Abrenica, etc.?

      Poor Sophie! She maybe is rich but that’s only because of her family. Her competition in Vin’s body and time are so much richer, filthy richer…

    3. Yes sarap nya sarap ubusin ang katas hanggang hindi na tumigas ang burat nya kakapalabas ng tamod. Hanggang mapagod buo nyang katawan at kaluluwa kakapalabas ng tamod, mula malapot hanggang parang tubig na lang. Dapat sa kanya inuubos ang lakas, laman at katas!

  2. Parang gusto kong drawing–an ng karug ‘yung tiyan, para magkaroon ng treasure trail…

    Ngiti pa lang,… 🙂

    In any case, joy and gratitude again, Admin!(Nakakabata).

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